Otus Wise, Kids At Heart

Working with kids is something I enjoy doing, because they are fearless and honest. It is inspiring and awesome when they let you into their world. Together, the four of us came up with some pretty concepts for this photoshoot. 🙂

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Creeper Peeper

Recently, I had to produce, film, and edit a short film for my midterm assignment in my digital cinematography class. It was a bit challenging, because I was the only crew member. Needless to say, I completed it and received an “A” on the project. Woohoo!!! 🙂

Logline: A man violates another man’s privacy in a […]

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Heart of Love

The Heart of Love is one of my favorite short films. It depicts just how tender love is. We have to treat it in a selfless way, or else it will slip away from us.

“The Heart is Forever Inexperienced.” – Henry David Thoreau

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Library of Congress Documentary

I served as the lead editor on this project and it aired on the C-SPAN networks and the Library of Congress.

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The Lincoln Bedroom Vignette

The Lincoln Bedroom project is one of the first docu-shorts I edited in on Final Cut Pro 7 at C-SPAN. I was excited about it, because it was on display at the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian in Washington, DC for a month.

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